About Optimum Return

Optimum Return is an independent business advisory firm that delivers value, empowerment and growth. We tailor our approach to the unique nature of your industry in order to find and implement solutions that work well for you and your teams.

With an experienced team of experts with backgrounds across various industries, we bring your company to a new level by optimizing efficiencies in financial and operational processes .Our work is not completed until you see meaningful, quantifiable impacts on your company’s growth and culture.

What we do

Every company has a maximum potential performance capability just waiting to be discovered and optimized. When we engage in a partnership, we help organizational leaders develop their staff and teams in order to maximize the existing strengths and identify areas of improvement, reform key institutions and company cultures, expand on existing infrastructures, and shape the economic growth of the company moving forward.

Why Us?


No matter the tools at your disposal, the plans for the future or the enthusiasm of the leadership,

without a strong company culture united toward your organization’s mission your company will experience difficulty meeting its objectives. We focus on establishing and developing a strong cultural environment that lays the groundwork for faster and continued growth.
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Our approach entails a focus on both the abstract – like culture – and the concrete.

This means that we develop practices and strategies that will yield quantifiable results such that you can see a measurable impact.
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We use hard data analytics to drive our methods in order to make sound, well-informed decisions that

will carry your organization into a future of continued economic growth. We want to see your business go from good to great.

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We wouldn’t send an education expert to advise. We Bring the talent and the expertise ensure that

the professionals you engage with are the ones with valuable insights and relevant expertise in order to yield the best possible results.

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Our unique, integrated approach combines technical expertise with a personal level of commitment to deliver customized solutions to your organization. Whether you’re in the government, private or non-profit sector ,the IT industry or a professional healthcare environment, we tailor our approach to the unique needs and challenges of your industry to guarantee our services rise to the challenge.

Business cultural transformation

With a heavy emphasis on identifying strengths and ways to maximize them, we help to develop a positive, forward-thinking business culture focused on growth and momentum. Whether it’s an alteration in the way leadership guides the thinking process or a complete cultural overhaul at hand, we engage in the way that’s most appropriate and relevant to embed the ideal company culture in the fabric of your organization across every branch and department.

Strategic workforce planning

True to our name, we work hard to optimize every area of organizational planning. When we revise the workforce environment, we look at multiple factors, including:


The size of your staff determines the efficiency of your operations. We find the right size in order to produce the best possible results using the right amount of resources.


We find the gaps in skill sets in order to identify areas of potential growth and training.

Shape and site

We create structures that make sense for the natural flow of your company, and put your people in the right places according to their strengths.


We help to optimize the allocation of your financial resources in order to invest well in the right staff members and employees.

Performance management

We work closely with your organization to plan and implement performance plans that engage and encourage your staff and employees. We take care to see to it that your performance practices promote a positive environment, bolster the connection between performance and reward, and encourage an environment in which employees feel comfortable and safe providing feedback to their leadership.

Information technology

Process automation enabling system controls, ERPs implementations, and HIS implementations, Infrastructure Design and Configuration, IT Operations managing / outsource, Project management and advisory.

Financial services

Business modeling, Back office centralization, Merge and acquisition, Private placement, IPO assist.

Efficient cash management, Outsource CFO services, Helping in setting up accounting structure and Feasibility studies.

HR effectiveness

Our HR solutions include the followings:

Strategy and Value Proposition.
Operating Model & Structure.
Leadership Readiness.
Talent Development.
Talent Acquisition.

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